Basic Alarms

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Activating a Remote Car Alarm

Car alarms are the most important investment you can make for your vehicle. Car alarms deter smash and grabs thereby preventing costly property damage. Car alarms prevent vehicle theft by means of engine disabling features. Car alarms also offer you in mandatory insurance deductions in the State of Florida  of up to 15%. Because of the insurance deduction a CAR ALARM WILL PAY FOR ITSELF over time. Not to mention the monetary savings from not having your vehicle broken into or stolen.

Attempted vehicle break in

Thief attempting to break into a car using a lockout tool.

Here at Alarms, ETC we are proud to have THOUSANDS OF CAR ALARM PACKAGES in stock every day. Unlike most of our competitors we understand that each person and vehicle has different needs, this is why we like to give our customers the most options possible.

Car alarm packages and options

We Carry thousands of different car alarm packages ensuring one for everyone and every budget.

Our packages consist of the most basic systems that only lock/unlock door and sound a horn when someone tries to break in. As well as, some of the more complex systems that have talking alerts when someone walks to close to the vehicle (let alone try and break in). And because all vehicles are different we carry a wide range of different accessories and sensors ensuring we are able to install a Full Car Alarm system into ANY vehicle on ANY budget.

We of course also carry the top of the line in car alarms and vehicle security products, VIPER CAR ALARMS. With viper car alarms plus Alarms, ETC’s expert installation you can rest assured that your vehicle will be protected from any would be thief and your valuables secured. And in fact, we are so confident in your vehicles safety and security that when you do have your Viper car alarm system installed by the pro’s here at Alarms, ETC. that the manufacturer of VIPER will give you a guaranteed protection plan of up to $5,000 (when combined with VIPER WINDOW TINT).

Viper $5000 guarenteed protection

Viper will re-imburse your insurance deductible up to $5,000 on our Viper Alarm & Tint Packages

Alot of times the choice of which car alarm system doesn’t matter as much as the installer of the system. In fact the installation is the single most important part of a car alarm system. If a thief can easily find your alarm it can be easily disabled, so no matter how great the alarm is, if the installer isn’t very good your car alarm is going to be as bad at protection as they were at installation.

Stealth Install Car Alarm

We disassemble your entire dash ensuring that when we install the car alarm it is completely conceiled from even the best thieves giving your car the ultimate protection.

Thats why here at, Alarms, ETC., we take alot of pride in our Car Alarm installations. Rather than the typical install that you’ll find at “cheap buy” or the guy that “hooks up music”, we meticulously route each wire as though it was there from the factory. Instead of the typical alarm hanging down from the dash, we SECURE and HIDE our car alarm installs so that no would be thief would find it, even after taking the dash apart. After all, if you can’t find the car alarm, how can you disable it?

We also offer a high security upgrade package which utilizes a secondary “pain generating” siren hidden in the interior of the vehicle.

Mini Piezo "Pain Generator" Siren Hidden inside of an air vent in a high security car alarm installation

Mini Piezo "Pain Generator" Siren Hidden inside of an air vent in a high security car alarm installation

It includes a front and rear mercury tilt sensor alerting you if your hood or trunk has been tampered with. And lastly your alarm system will be hidden in a non-traditional location, siren doubly secured and the wires will be completely concealed from view even with the vehicle disassembled. Ask one of our expert car alarm installation associated for more details on our HIGH SECURITY CAR ALARM PACKAGES.

Plus our car alarm offerings don’t just stop at a BASIC ALARM SYSTEM like the other guys. Instead we offer a wide range of accessories and add-ons. Accessories such as: Glass Breakage detection sensors, Radar / Motion Detectors, Tow/Tilt sensor, trailer sensors, smartphone integration, GPS Tracking systems and so much more. All of these parts and systems are available and in stock today. Stop by one of our stores and allow us to show you what a great car alarm is and how to secure your car and protect your investment. And see why we have over 1,000 car alarm packages in stock and ready to be installed!