GPS Tracking Systems

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GPS Tracking systems are relatively new to the market, compared to basic car alarms. In fact it wasn’t until within the past 5 years that GPS Tracking systems were cost effective enough for the average person to own. Now, GPS tracking systems are actually a common item that people get installed. In fact 90% of all vehicle purchased at a Buy Here Pay Here lot have some form of GPS Tracking system in the even an owner defaults. (We know this because we install ALOT of them for used and new car dealerships all over the state of Florida).


GPS Tracking systems are commonly used for security, teen monitoring, fleet management and asset recovery.

When someone hears the word “Tracking” they automatically think about spying or snooping. The reality of it is that GPS tracking systems are RARELY used as a method of spying on someone. Their intended and commonly used purpose is to prevent theft, track a vehicle in the event of a theft (even if the theft is a spouse/friend) and also as a way for parents to monitor their teens driving. Another common use for GPS tracking is for car dealers. Often times when you have poor credit or work history the finance company will insist that you have a GPS tracking system installed on that vehicle allowing them to locate it at any given moment in the event of asset recovery (VEHICLE REPOSSESSION & THEFT RECOVERY). And of course GPS tracking systems are commonly used in Fleet situations where a company needs to know where its vehicles are at all time to schedule and coordinate all of its company vehicles.


GPS tracking systems stops theft by notifying you when a potential break-in occurs & helps you get it back if it is stolen.

How is a tracking system a method to prevent theft? Well, with the real time GPS Tracking system that Alarms, ETC installs, we will tie it into your car alarm system which will notify you via CELLULAR (part of the GPS tracking system) when the alarm is going off. This is a great feature and gets considerably longer range than your average 2-WAY car alarm remote start system. Being notified via cellphone, smartphone or even email about a potential break-in on your vehicle can be an INVALUABLE tool to prevent theft. And since our GPS Tracking systems are cellular based, even if you are out of town you can still check the status on your vehicle and be notified of possible break ins, giving you time to contact the police or whoever is watching your place/vehicle.

Teen monitoring is extremely important to alot of parents. Our GPS Tracking systems offer the ability to be notified via text message when a pre-defined criteria is met. Some of these criteria can be the vehicle exceeding a select speed, goes faster than a pre-determined amount over the speed limit, leaves the state, county, or any other area you pre-define and then of course allows you as a parent to find out where your teen is at any given time making sure that they aren’t in areas where they may get into trouble (or simply not be allowed to be at). It’s not that you don’t trust your teen, but sometimes reassurance is nice.

GPS Tracking Solutions

We offer GPS Tracking solutions for anyone. 1 Car or 500. We're ready to show you how a GPS tracking solution can work for you.

Are you a fleet manager or a Buy Here Pay Here used car dealer and want to know how GPS Tracking can help protect your assets? Give us a call. We routinely install GPS Tracking systems on every vehicle imaginable including Cars, Trucks, Vans, Motorcycles, Boats, Semis and other recreational vehicles. Because of this we are your one stop GPS tracking headquarters. Our expert technicians are proficient¬† at doing these systems and we’ll be happy to give you some referrals of existing clients and government agencies we do work for. No matter what your need, we’re ready to help you.

The car dealer ship offered me a LoJack tracking system, is that a GPS Tracking system? We get alot of questions about this. LoJack was designed to be a tracking system for the police. Upon noticing your vehicle was missing you would contact LoJack and they would activate a beacon in your car. Then this beacon would be triangulated by 2 law enforcement cars and 1 helicopter. But law enforcement typically wouldn’t actively SEARCH for the vehicle, instead if your stolen car was in the general vacinity of these 3 law enforcement vehicles it would show up on their notification screens.

Lo Jack systems require POLICE tracking to locate your vehicle.

Lo Jack systems require POLICE tracking to locate your vehicle, AFTER its stolen.

Sounds like a great solution right? The drawbacks are OBVIOUS. 1st, you have not THEFT PREVENTION in place and in fact can’t do anything until you notice your vehicle missing (by this time your car could be out of the area, stripped down or left for dead on the side of the road). 2nd, even though the use of law enforcement vehicles for tracking is GREAT, the reality is that vehicle theft is not law enforcement’s #1 priority and being forced to tie up 3 vehicles for the purposes of triangulating a single is a difficult proposition, as with a GPS tracking system instead the satellites triangulate your vehicle and give law enforcement the EXACT location, in real time.

LoJack Coverage Map

LoJack has a very limited coverage and only in major metropolitans.

The 3rd biggest drawback of LoJack is a doosey. Unlike GPS tracking systems, Lojack has a very limited coverage area. And in fact has less than 3% coverage in the United States, compared to GPS which has a nearly 100% satellite coverage and nearly 97% communications coverage.

And, of course, with the expert installation at Alarms, ETC you know would-be thieves will be stopped dead in their tracks. We conceal all of our wires, antennas and installation and mount the GPS Tracking Systems brain hidden both from view and access. This ensures that your GPS Tracking system will not only prevent theft but be difficult to circumvent or remove. Stop by and let us show you the difference Alarms, ETC can make on the protection of your ride.