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We carry a wide range of replacement remotes & transmitters for nearly all car alarms.

We Carry a wide assortment of replacement car alarm remotes and accessories

We Carry a wide assortment of replacement car alarm remotes and accessories

Did you lose or break your car alarm, remote start or keyless entry systems remote control transmitters? No problem. We have replacement remotesĀ  for nearly all makes and model car alarm systems. We carry remotes for VIPER, PYTHON, CLIFFORD, UNGO, VALET, HORNET, AVITAL, K-9, EXCALIBUR, FREEDOM, FORTRESS, CRIMEGUARD, CRIMESTOPPER, AUTOPAGE, PRESTIGE, CODE ALARM, MAGNADYNE, CARBINE, AUDIOVOX andĀ  many more popular brands. Often times even if we don’t have remotes available for your existing car alarm system we can find an alternative remote to program for your vehicle. No matter what system you have we’ll be able to get you set-up.

Did you buy a vehicle that only came with one remote? Or maybe your car has an alarm system on it, you just don’t have a remote to control it. That’s where the expert alarm technicians at Alarms, ETC. can come into play.


We carry nearly every replacement remote every made in stock and available for immediate programming to your system

Not all remotes are created equal nor interchangeable. Each vehicle security system uses a specific frequency in order for it to transmit / receive signals. All of the premium CAR ALARMS we sell at Alarms, ETC also utilize rolling code or code hopping technologies making replacement transmitters tougher to replicate (and of course replace). That why it’s important that our staff is trained on the latest cutting edge security technologies and has the right remotes IN STOCK to replace your broken transmitter. Plus, our stores feature the latest in vehicle programmers allowing us to unlock features and broken remotes that often times even the car dealership CAN NOT do.

Factory Ford Replacement Remote

We even offer FACTORY replacement remotes.

Did you lose your remote? Are you worried that someone may have your mis-placed transmitter? This can be a scary feeling. With your keyless entry or car alarm remote a would-be thief has un-interrupted access to your vehicles, its content and your safety! If you have lost your remote make sure you come to one of our stores ASAP. We have the ability to not only offer you replacement remotes for your car alarm systems, but we also have the ability to delete lost, stolen or damaged transmitters ensuring that only people who YOU authorize to have a copy of your remote can gain access to your vehicle.

Some times the cost to replace your remote may exceed the cost to replace the system (this happens ALOT of times in FACTORY SECURITY systems). Because we offer car alarms so reasonably priced we can usually save you money over factory remote replacement. But, in the event you simply want JUST a replacement remote, even for your factory system, we’ll be happy to help.

Also, alot of times there are affordable alternatives for your replacement remotes and because of our sophisticated internal databases we can cross reference the various remotes and show you not only the REPLACEMENT REMOTE for the one that came with your system, but we’ll also be able to show you affordable alternatives that will still work fully with your vehicle security system.

Replacement Remotes available for all systems

We carry replacement remotes for all systems and budgets

And for customers wanting to upgrade we can program 2-way transmitters to a wide variety of pre-existing security systems or we can install a VIPER SMARTSTART add-on and you can control your vehicles security system from any SMARTPHONE. And when you upgrade to a smartstart you also open up the ability to turn your car alarm system into a GPS tracking system with smartphone integration. No matter what your needs are, the PROS at Alarms, ETC are knowledgeable and ready to serve you. If you ever have to replace your remote, rest assured that we can help!

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We carry a wide range of replacement remotes for all systems from every major manufacturer.