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Lifetime Warranty

We select only top of the line window tint with the best warranties in the industry.

Here at Alarms, ETC. we are proud to use top of the line window tint carrying only the best warranties in the industry. We know that your window tint warranty is ultimately only as good as the company offering it. So, when our window tint states LIFETIME WARRANTY it truly is a lifetime warranty tint job whose guarantee you can count on.

It’s extremely important to select a tint with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and its important to select a brand that will stand behind the warranty. That’s why our window tint is from brands like 3M, LLUMAR and VIPER WINDOW TINT.


We are an AUTHORIZED llumar Window tint Dealer

Most tint shops don’t even discuss what brand of tint they are putting on your vehicle. This is because they often use the CHEAPEST tint possible and simply slap a ‘lifetime warranty’ sticker on it and pedal it as ‘top of the line’ when its not.

When trying to compare window tint quotes ALWAYS verify that the tint shop is an AUTHORIZED DEALER for the brand they are selling.


We are an AUTHORIZED 3M WindowTint dealer & not only offer warranty services for OUR Tint jobs, but any 3M WINDOW TINT JOB from any shop.

Window Tint warranties are given from the manufacturer of the window tint, not the tint shop that installed the tint. So, when a tint shop is NOT an authorized dealer for the brand of tint they are selling, the manufacturer will NOT honor the warranty. So remember, before even considering what the warranty covers, be sure to consider if the window tint shop quoting you is even authorized to sell/install that particular tint.

We have found ALOT of our competitors will offer a ‘price match’ for our quotes, when in all actuality they don’t carry the Window Tint brand they are ‘matching’, so in a sense they are actually defrauding some customers in order to make a buck. Don’t be fooled! We are the only in our area that is an AUTHORIZED 3M & Viper Window Tint dealer.

We guarantee our window tint to not bubble, turn purple or peel

We guarantee our window tint to not bubble, turn purple or peel,

With our top quality window tint we can guarantee that your windows will not bubble, fade or peel in the killer Florida sun. Alot of window tints make similar promises, but its important to read the fine print. MOST tint manufacturers that cover fading only do so with ‘drastic color changes’ in the tint (Turning from Black to Clear). However, these inferior window tint companies do not cover your windows fading to purple or a lighter shade of black. They consider this type of fading ‘normal’ and will not offer replacement tint. Premium window tint brands like VIPER, 3M and LLUMAR all offer TRUE no fade warranties that cover ‘purple tint’.

And one of the nicest things about having top quality window tint, like whats sold at Alarms, ETC. is that the manufacturer is a NATIONWIDE warranty valid at any authorized dealer. Premium window tint brands such as 3M, Viper and Llumar allow their customers to visit ANY authorized location for warranty service.

Concerned that in the event you need warranty service and you move that the local authorized dealer won’t help you with your warranty claim? Not to worry, our premium brand of window tint companies cover not only the materials, but also the workmanship. So, literally when you come in for a 3M / Llumar warranty claim, it’s no different than you being a brand new customer. The manufacturer will PAY US to remove your old tint, replace it with new tint and file all the paperwork on your behalf. This means in the RARE EVENT you will need a warranty on your window tint, that we will fight for your claim and handle everything turn key at NO COST to you!

Viper Authorized Dealer

We are an authorized service center & dealer for VIPER WINDOW TINT

We’ve talked about warranty differences but ultimately what the warranty says in writing doesn’t matter if you never have to have a warranty claim. All products fail, eventually with enough time. It’s important to choose a quality product though that will outlast your car. We do warranty work all the time for other shops. We are proud to say that  our warranty claim percentage with our manufacturers are less than 1/10th of 1%. Basically it means that, because of our experts selection on top quality products and using only factory trained window tint wizards, even though you will walk away with a LIFETIME NATIONWIDE WARRANTY on your window tint, its likely you’ll never use it! We firmly believe that the best warranty you will EVER have is the one which you won’t use.

Not sure how to proceed with your warranty claim? Even if its NOT one of our premium window tint manufacturers, our staff will be happy to help. We’ll do our best to work it out to where our expert tinters will honor your warranty claim with another manufacturer in the interest of customer service. No matter what, our customers are our #1 priority and we want to ensure ALL your warranty claims and questions are handled. Stop by and let us show you how we can help.